More than 22 years experience in this industry, our company has grown and evolved to meet the needs of building design/engineering, where it is in line with our contuined efforts to support the advancement of the nation's of Indonesia better in the future.

We always insist on the quality and professional performance. In depth experience and is accompanied by a comprehensive approach, it is our endeavor to provide the best services and value-added of a product. Through these efforts, we were able to maintain its position as a leading company in the construction industry.

At PT. Gunung Baja Konstruksi, we always foster continuous improvement value through the achievement and progress, which is characterized by the development in all areas of the progressive and responsive. We also continued to learn and join hands with business partners to grow and develop together.

As a final word, we as a company that continues to grow and evolve, hoping for their support and participation of all business partners in order to achieve long-term cooperation.